Scrap Magnets, Excavator Magnets, Hydraulic Magnets and Battery Powered Magnets


We have 5 different Scrap Magnets to meet your needs.


The ESM line of Conventional Scrap Magnets are heavy duty magnets manufactured for the rigors of the scrap industry.


These scrap magnets are designed for everyday  use in a scrap yard. They are available in a wide range of sizes depending on your scrap application. They are powerful and Solidly built to get years of performance from your equipment. Looking for more information? Click on the red ESM above.


The ESP / ESH line of Scrap Magnets are robust heavy duty Deep Wound magnets manufactured for the most rigorous demands.

The ESP scrap magnet is deep wound. ESH scrap magnets are the strongest and most durable magnet we manufacture. These scrap magnets are deep wound for applications when you need the biggest magnetic field. Looking to lift coils of steel, large slabs or high mass pieces of iron? Then this magnet system is the right choice for your scrap application. Looking for more information? Click on the red ESP above.


The ESA line of Hydraulic Scrap Magnets are ideally suited for demolition use or any other application where a quick changing attachment is beneficial.


This scrap magnet truly defines flexibility.  With just 2 hydraulic hoses to connect you can have this unit up and running in minutes.  These ease of installation allows you to control the magnet with the activation of the hydraulic circuit.  No generators or control boxes to deal with.  No you can have a magnet system on any machine and use this scrap magnet like a quick change implement.  The ESA magnet was designed as a scrap and demolition magnet with flexibility in mind.  The magnet controls and generator are securely built onto the top of the magnet.  The hydraulic flow can come from an Auxiliary line or bucket circuit.  If this system is installed on a buck circuit it must have free flow return to the tank. Looking for more information? Click on the red ESA above.

The ESB Line of magnets are great for scrap applications were powering a magnet is difficult.

This magnet is the second easiest scrap magnet to install. It offers all the power you would expect from a scrap magnet without the hassle of a generator. These systems are designed to be compatible with either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicle charging systems. These are also ideally suited for scrap applications where a high duty cycle is needed. Due to their unique design our magnets don't get hot and lose lifting ability.  Looking for more information? Click on the red ESB above.

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